"Apollo Gym" invites girls aged 5-6 who are interested in rhythmic gymnastics to join the club.

The training sessions are run by experienced coaches with higher professional education and sports certificates of category "В".

Our goal is to help every child to develop qualities which are hallmark of rhythnic gymnastics, such as plastique, flexibility, coordination and sense of rhythm. There are several groups in our club with their own training schedule, which makes it possible not only for children who are aimed at high performance to join the club. We are also happy to see at our club those who would simply like to enjoy the sport. For the first two years of training we develop physical qualities- flexibility, strength, agility. The classes are fun, children exercise to music using apparatus. After the preparatory period has ended the most interesting starts - the rhythmic gymnastics itself.

The training sessions start in September - October at 15 Nicgales Str., Riga.